Inspirational? I don’t think so!


I love to run and to write about it. I love it when random strangers that I’ve never met, read my blog and comment on it.

Recently a lovely friend sent me these beautiful flowers after I completed the Heysen 105. In the card she said I was ‘an inspiration to many’.

But I don’t feel like an inspiration!

I’ve read many people’s reports of races I’ve run, and running blogs. Everyone has a story… people I run with regularly, people I meet at events, people I follow on Instagram. Each one inspiring.


I haven’t ever had issues with my weight. I haven’t had any personal tragedies in my life. I am fit and healthy and have never had any serious health problems. I’ve been lucky when it comes to injuries. A shattered foot from my pre-running days is about the only injury of note that I’ve had but thanks to my surgeon I rarely even think about it.

I’m a single person, working a 9 to 5 job, with no kids. I have a supportive family and friends. Fitting in 5 runs a week including a long run on the weekend is no trouble at all.

I’m 178cm (5′ 10″) with long legs. Yes, it makes it hard to buy jeans sometimes (cue the tiny violin) but it gives me a huge advantage when it comes to running, especially of the long distance variety. (Not to mention getting over those f*!#ing stiles in the Heysen 105!)

After reading so many inspirational stories recently, I just don’t see how my story could be described that way.

Having said that, I’m going to keep running. And blogging. And Strava-ing. And Instagramming. And Facebooking. And if you enjoy it, that’s great. If it inspires you, even better!

But it doesn’t stop me feeling like I’m some kind of fraud!


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