What’s next?


3 years ago this week, I ran my first ever race. I could never have imagined where running would take me in the ensuing 3 years. Interstate races, overseas races, ultramarathons… back then my only goal (like many new SA runners) was to complete the 12km City-Bay.

Now I find myself in the ‘off-season’ and not quite knowing what to do with myself! This weekend I have had a break from running (other than a parkrun of course!) and a much-needed break from ‘everyday life’ in Melbourne.

I am looking for a new challenge! I rode a bike on Saturday for the first time in probably 5 years. It’s a bit like riding a bike… you never forget how! I did own a bike once – after having ridden it 3 times in 4 years I decided that as attractive as a dust-gathering bike looked as a display piece in my living room, the best option was to sell it. I did keep the helmet though so I guess I must have known that I’d ride again one day!

So what’s next? Well next year my 2 big goals are to conquer the 100km Ultra-Trails Australia event in the Blue Mountains, and to run a Boston Marathon qualifier, probably the Gold Coast Marathon, with the aim of running Boston in 2017. Of course there will be other events in between but those are the two big ones.

I think I’d like to do a triathlon one day. Not an Ironman. At least I don’t think so! Marathon training is exhausting. I run 5 times a week with the long run peaking at 3-4 hours. That works out at about 7.5 hours a week. And that’s just running! I have NO idea how anyone can fit that in along with enough swimming and cycling training!

Maybe a Tinman. I probably need to get a bike first! And I haven’t even thought about the swim leg yet! Swimming! In the open water! Aargh!

I guess one other factor to consider re doing a tri is that I’d need a new sports watch. Which could be a pro or a con depending on which way you look at it! On one hand I’d LOVE to be able to justify buying a new Garmin Fenix 3. On the other… my bank balance! On top of a bike and presumably some kind of tri-suit that’s a pretty hefty wad of cash!

So maybe the tri will have to wait. But it’s definitely in my mind, and once I set my mind to do something…

I have done a fair bit of shopping this past weekend and among my purchases was Tristan Miller’s ‘Run Like Crazy’, the story of him running 52 marathons in 42 countries in 52 weeks. I already have a few overseas and interstate marathons on my bucket list… I may regret buying this book! It cost me $3.50 from an op shop but it could end up costing me a whole lot more!

Maybe I need to take up a cheaper hobby… maybe I should give knitting a crack…


3 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. Technically, running is just about the cheapest hobby because all you REALLY need is a good pair of shoes. The rest is icing….
    And the corollary of that is that you can travel far and wide and take your hobby with you – because all you need is a good pair of shoes. Technically.

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